tidying is like neverending ...

Sep. 24th, 2017 06:37 pm
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Today we have been like trying to tidy up our bathroom a bit becis we've got a plumber coming next week to look at the taps and drippy overflow.
The thing about tidying is like when you start doing it it like looks worse for ages before it gets better. And when you've done some big things and should like be able to feel proud you can like notice lots more little things you still need to do to make it properly tidy...

Humans are Stressful

Sep. 24th, 2017 06:06 pm
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Yesterday was like difficult. We tried to go to the local Bi Visbity Day event.
It was already like a bit stressful becos we weren't like feeling good and the train was like full of loud, annoying footballists (that's like people that watch football - footballets ate like people who play football). But i was like looking forward to like having coffee and donuts with like a bunch of Bi people (and like Allies).
But like when we got to the donut cafe there weren't Bi Vis people there. And no sign or anything to say what was happening...
We got all like anxious and confused.
That was like when we realised we'd like forgotten our mobile so we couldn't phone any of the group people at ask what was happening (but that like kind of isn't the piont because a new person would have had their phone numbers anyway). Even if we had out phone it isn't clever enuff to do like internet witbout wifi. We went to a cafe we like know and got some tea-with-sugar-in to calm down amd to use wifi on out tablet.
Thete was like one comment on the event FaceBook that said they'd decided to stay doing the picnic bevause it was a like nice sunny day. We are loke full of allergy and snot this time of year and were like achey so we couldn't do like picnic sitting on the grass even if we weren't like overwhelmed by the sudden change and not being able to rely on people. But we did like quickly go to say hi and to complain to the organiser (but like trying not to be too grumpy at like random picnic-people). We said there should have been a sign or like even better acouple of people there to direct people.
Apparently the oragiser had gone along,at the start of the CoffeeMeet time to tell people - but that was just once in like a 2 hour drop-in kind of event. Tjey said sorry like ot was just an,"opps" kind of thing and that they'd put the coment of FaceBook. I like really don't think that's enough becos FB isn't like always helpful with what it shows you. And not everyone can get the intetwbez like all the time.
We don't know if any new prople turned up at the donut cafe and thought there weren't any Bi Vis people...
We've felt all muddled and overloaded since - like humans are too unpredictable to feel safe around

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:15 pm
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Happy Autumn equinox everyone.

I have been trying to work ojt what animal this one belongs to (like how Spring Equinox is Bunny Festival). Thinking like squirrels or foxes or hedgehogs? What do you all think? (And like why aren't there like choclate autumn creatures in all the shops like the Bunnys and eggs in the spring?)

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Sep. 20th, 2017 10:58 pm
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So like we're allergic to autumn (assuming it's like mould in the air) so we've been snotty all day. Now we have a head-ache and feel really floomp. Really hoping it's just from like allergy-annoyingness and like NOT that we are going to be ill now...


Sep. 17th, 2017 01:10 pm
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Today we are going to a museum which is, by its nature, not super accessible. (Old trains, subway cars, lots of narrow gaps which might not fit a wheelchair.) So why did I wake up screaming in pain at 5 am, and why is my RIGHT leg impaired as well as my left?

Pain Management Clinic appointment on 18th October can't come fast enough. Stupid arthritis of the spine pressing on my nerves.

Where is my mind redux

Sep. 16th, 2017 11:20 am
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 In a previous post I said that I had a lot of things I was worried about and couldn't focus on. That was 20 days ago, so how am I doing?

Thing One
I volunteered to do a really big thing at BiCon and then realised that I didn't actually want to do it

I'm well on my way to getting out of that one, having sent a couple of hard emails. I also have an idea for possibly rescuing the thing, but am going to wait and think on that before I decide...

Thing Two
The camera on my phone stopped working and refuses to focus 

I still haven't done anything about that. I need to find out how to ask Oneplus to do a repair and/or get a quote from a reguar phone repair place

Thing Three
I had a chipped tooth and was avoiding the dentist

I went to the dentist! And it was way less trouble than expected! BUT then the filling they did partially came out and it ISN'T FAIR and I have to go back. BOO!

Thing Four
I have to write a five minute speech about disabled access for Berlin. 

I did succeed on focussing on that and on my workshop session and ran them and it was fine. ALSO, I am going to use the mental health one again at Bitastic in the Highlands and I feel reasonable confident about that even though it adds some things to the to do list.

Thing Five
Knitting: drove myself to tears trying to set up the cardigan for mum's Xmas

It is set up. And I am knitting it and it will look OK. Whether it will be ready for Xmas is a whole other question as it's on 3mm needles...

Thing Six
I have to pack for Berlin. 

Well I clearly did that one OK and didn't over or underpack noticeably

Thing Seven
I had to get up at 6.30am for a flight

Which I clearly did, showing that I can do mornings, just not all the time

Thing Eight
I didn't book myself into any craft classes at all for autumn and it is too late. 

I'm still sad about that. I still haven't been back to the pottery because stuff has been crazy busy, but I can do that now most of that stuff is out of the way

Things that didn't get numbers
Finding another volunteer job - done, more or less
Being a witness - done, hurrah that's over!
Birthday and Xmas plans - have started a birthday plan but no idea about Xmas - I should get on that so it doesn't make me sad.

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