Jan. 24th, 2007


Jan. 24th, 2007 07:09 pm
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there was an intresting programme about early child hood memory on radio 4 this morning (because we didn't go to london because of the snow that meant we had to be away and vaugley respectable looking for the house-viewing peple so we couldn't just go back to bed and sleep like we wanted to). And heres so more deatials about childhood amnesia" (stupid name) and PTSD (which is one of our growing pile of diagnosiss) and the importance of being able to forget but don't bother reading the comments - they aren't acatully intresting or useful and i realy don't know why people have bothered to make them). It would be more useful for us if there was some dicussion of neuro-diversty (does speaking late make verbal holding of memories more or less important? And what about having non-verbal leraning disability? If the brain is like a computer what does it meanto have learge sections of the wiring (white mater) missing?)) and obvuoisly theres nothing about pluraility.
We've been having some intresting and difficult thoughts, which i don't have time or the enegy to write about now. But it seems that quite early emtional an sensory memories which get constantly re-rember aquire a shell of verbal memroy which can then be recalled verbally. But if they are form before the time the memoriee has the capaicty to out words around their experences they are kind f floaty an imcopmlete and lacking in imporant deatil. Sio maybe that goes someway to answering [livejournal.com profile] conflux's question/statent of confusion (which is very obvious and i wish we could answer it)
"If somthing like that happened surely you'd be able to remember it?


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